betoken VERB literary be a warning or sign of.

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  • Betoken — Be*to ken, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Betokened}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Betokening}.] 1. To signify by some visible object; to show by signs or tokens. [1913 Webster] A dewy cloud, and in the cloud a bow . . . Betokening peace from God, and covenant new.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • betoken — index anticipate (prognosticate), denote, evince, exemplify, herald, indicate, label, manifest …   Law dictionary

  • betoken — (v.) late 12c., from BE (Cf. be ) + O.E. tacnian to signify, from tacn sign (see TOKEN (Cf. token)). Related: Betokened; betokening …   Etymology dictionary

  • betoken — bespeak, attest, *indicate, argue, prove Analogous words: presage, augur, portend, forebode (see FORETELL): import, signify, denote, *mean: evidence, manifest, *show, evince, demonstrate …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • betoken — [bē tō′kən, bitō′kən] vt. [ME betocnen < be , BE + toknen < OE tacnian, to mark < tacen, TOKEN] 1. to be a token or sign of; indicate; show 2. to show beforehand; presage …   English World dictionary

  • betoken — UK [bɪˈtəʊkən] / US [bɪˈtoʊkən] verb [transitive] Word forms betoken : present tense I/you/we/they betoken he/she/it betokens present participle betokening past tense betokened past participle betokened literary to be a sign that something exists …   English dictionary

  • betoken — /bi toh keuhn/, v.t. 1. to give evidence of; indicate: to betoken one s fidelity with a vow; a kiss that betokens one s affection. 2. to be or give a token or sign of; portend: a thunderclap that betokens foul weather; an angry word that betokens …   Universalium

  • betoken — transitive verb ( tokened; betokening) Date: 15th century 1. to typify beforehand ; presage 2. to give evidence of ; show …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • betoken — verb a) Signify by some visible object; show by signs or tokens. There be other 2 signes in often use of which the first is made thus + and betokeneth more : the other is thus made – and betokeneth lesse. b) Foreshow by present signs; indicate… …   Wiktionary

  • betoken — Synonyms and related words: affect, announce, approve, argue, attest, augur, be construed as, be indicative of, be significant of, be symptomatic of, bespeak, bode, brandish, breathe, bring forth, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring… …   Moby Thesaurus

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